Training Programmes

I offer a range of training programmes, all of which are customized according to clients’ requirements and budgets. Please be in touch for more details, including pricing.

Resolving team conflict using DISC

DISC is a wonderful assessment tool, used globally, which takes only 10 minutes to complete online. It gives very rich insight into our behaviour both “naturally” and in the workplace.

This fun packed one-day programme takes teams through why and how they behave the way they do. It provides deep insight into behaviour, helping teams and individuals adapt to get breakthrough results – at work and in their personal lives.

The programme includes a lively and interactive “Introduction to DISC,” roleplays to help explain the DISC behavioural “types”, roleplays to help adapt to others, and a deep understanding of team roles. It also includes individual debriefs on the DISC reports, and mini coaching sessions, if required, depending on the number of participants.

This programme is a “must” for any company which values effective teamwork.

Training batch size – 12 – 40 participants.

Leadership programmes for entry and mid level managers

These customized leadership programmes work on the principle of creating Personal Leadership Brands, through a number of skills based and behavioural modules including Effective Time Management, Presentation and Selling Skills, Building your Personal Brand, understanding Behaviour, Managing others, giving and receiving Feedback, Delegation, Conflict Management and more. The programmes can be delivered in weekly sessions, or as a 2, 3 or 4 day programme, depending on requirements.

All leadership programmes can be accompanied by one on one and/or team coaching and mentoring, to enhance and deepen learning.

Training batch size – 12 – 30 participants

Half Day / One Day programmes

Half day and full day programmes can be created depending on the requirement, from the list of modules below :

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